Saturday, December 29, 2018

Certificates To Our Teachers

Here are the certificates that I gave to our beloved teachers on the occasion of our Teachers’ Appreciation Day 2017. Elena gave another type of certificates for our teachers.

Amanda OdulioAurora ManuelBernadette JavierConsolacion ConstantinoCornelia AlmendrasDolores AngelesGigi Sta JuanaGilda GarciaGloria JosonGreg QuintoIrma DimapilisJocelyn de VeraJosefina IralLaura ParungaoLetty AlcantaraLourdes ValondoLuzviminda LumagueMartha El ShaerNievez CruzNorma CajigasPriscila FernandoRegino de LeonRosalie ReyesRosenda LapuzWilfredo CastroYolanda CruzYolanda dela Cruz

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Christmas Card 2016

This was the Christmas Card I sent to my IV-Mayon family in 2016.

Christmas Card 2016 v2.0

IV-Mayon Went To Jollibee

This was taken last year. IV-Mayon went to Jollibee Poblacion to celebrate our 23rd year Anniversary. Also, most of us were in our 40s already. What better way to celebrate our birthdays than with a party with our ever beloved Jollibee!

Hats off to Elena for this memorable themed-party and in organizing our Teachers’ Appreciation Day 2017.

Who would be our president for next year’s 25th year Anniversary? We’re going to find out tonight.

mayon 2017 8x10

mayon 2017 8x10 early birds

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Merry Christmas 2018 Classmates!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my IV-Mayon ‘94 classmates! See you tonight at Lambat Bar and Grill in Pinagbarilan, Baliuag.

Then let’s eat bibingka and puto-bumbong at the Glorietta, Baliuag.

Mayon Xmas Card 2018

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Teacher’s Appreciation Day 2017

The IV-Mayon Class of ’94 of (former) Mariano Ponce High School (MPHS) will have a Teacher’s Appreciation Day on April 8, 2017 at the Sunnyside Garden Pool, Dona Enriqueta Subdivision, Baliuag, Bulacan.

Since graduating in high school in 1994, most members of IV-Mayon usually meet during December. The first major reunion after high school was in 2004 during the 10th Year Anniversary. Since then, it became a yearly gathering for a night of kwentuhan and salu-salo.

There have been 8 presidents so far of the loosely-organized Mayon Foundation (a nickname I prefer to call our organization). This year, our current president is Elena Bautista-Mercado and for her project, she opted to organize a day for our teachers in high school.

This is the first time that our class is conducting such event. It’s also the first time that a major salu-salo is organized in Summer. We’ll still have the regular salu-salo on December 30, 2017. Yes, it’s always fixed on Rizal Day.

We hope to see everyone on April 8, 2017 specially our beloved teachers. We’re looking forward to a day of salu-salo and kwentuhan about our days in Mariano Ponce High School.

Invitation 2Invitation 3Invitation 4

These are some of the designs I made for the occasion. It’s not the final invitation that was sent to the teachers though.

Mayon Invitation by Madz

The final invitation that was sent to the teachers. Lay-out by Madz.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Our 20th year Grand Reunion T-Shirt

This was our 20th year Grand Reunion T-shirt which we printed last December 2014 (thanks to Mark Jason and Nick Cordial). This is a close re-creation of our original t-shirt in 1994, which was designed by Nick Cordial.

I remember creating a front design for this shirt but the final product was only printed at the back. I hope we’ll have another t-shirt this December 2016. I could probably start designing one.

classic 3

Our 20th year Grand Reunion t-shirt which is a re-design on the original one posted below.

Thank You Page

This is the last part of the 2014 Mayon Book which include the original design of our 1994 t-shirt, made out of silk-screen technology.

Project: Mayon Anecdotes

I wrote this article way back in January 2016 and I’m reposting it here.

I was inspired yesterday, during the sharing of our fondest memory of each other, to create a collection of Anecdotes. It's like, short stories of things that happened during high school, that only a select few of us know.

Project Mayon Anecdotes

During the sharing, I heard stories that I never knew existed during high school -- like the Joce and Clemen feud, the Sarah-Jowel "habulin mo ko" incident, how Leonardo and the gang avoided bullying Our Saint Eliza, and other stories. Since we've already released the Photobook, why not tell/write the stories behind these pictures? Funny stories of high school. Most of us are members of the Buntal Weaver and the Maglalala and we can definitely write good stories.

Most of us will be in our 40s in 3 years time. A few years more and we'll be Senior Citizens celebrating our 40th year Grand Reunion. We may no longer remember these stories of high school if we won't put it in writing now. Let's write 1 good story of high school from our point of view -- that would equate to 56 good stories of high school. It's like writing our own version of Youngblood (inquirer). I've always wanted to write a book or at least part of writing a book. I believe it's one of the 3 things that can grant us immortality -- along with planting a tree and having a kid.

Let's also recall some of the most epic fail stories of high school -- when Cathy sing/dance the "Guess this Presidentiable" song, when Graciano pantomimed "The Coconut Song", when Ona and I noticed the "creatures" falling from the ceiling or when I fell in room 1 because of a hole, in the floor while hugging Kissyfur.

This project needs a lot of meeting and a lot of editing. This will be a challenged to all of us that are busy with work but this is doable.

An alternative to my proposed Mayon Anecdotes (book) is this blog. We could probably publish our little-known high school stories here for everyone to recall and reminisce. I hope my Mayon family would help me on this.

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